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One $/each day is an initiative of the Foundation DemocracyFirst. The foundation makes every effort to promote democracy worldwide and thus improve the quality of the lives of millions of people. Another DemocracyFirst initiative is OpinionFirst, the online central platform for modern democracy (


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We need your help! We would like to get in contact with professionals, that would like to commit themselves to realize the goals of DemocracyFirst. For all aspects of the foundation DemocracyFirst and the websites One $/each day and OpinionFirst we are hoping on your support.


Basically by informing us what your expertise is (marketer, translator, legal expert, recruiter, politician, good speaker, negotiator), what you intend to contribute and how you will use this for DemocracyFirst and its projects. Everyone can respond. If you are just as enthusiastic as us in promoting the principles of the foundation DemocracyFirst, then we would like to get in contact with you.   Respond and join us



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The website One $/each day was born from an ideal that with a little support we help people help themselves to improve the quality of their own lives. We are a small and inspired team working for the foundation DemocracyFirst. Everyone including the board works pro bono.


We personally have invested our savings in this project. With the current available funds we will not be able to realize all foundation's plans and invest in the further development of One $/each day and OpinionFirst. We do depend on your financial support. 


Every support is more than welcome. The more financial resources we have available, the faster and better we can achieve our ideals to help people help themselves. That's why we ask you urgently; if you support our objectives and want to give us wings, then support us with a financial contribution. Any amount is incredible welcome:   Give us wings and donate



               Rabobank account no. 1066.70.824

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Members of DemocracyFirst are extremely valuable to us! When you become a member you indicate that you recognize our work and support our objectives. The more members we have, the more we will be able to achieve. With your support we will be able to set new steps forward in worldwide promoting a democratic decision making process.


Membership is free-of-charge, but an automatic monthly contribution will give us a financial basis to develop new activities and plans. Anyone can become member and determine individually his or her own contribution fee.   Become a friend


DemocracyFirst marketing panel

Joining the DemocracyFirst marketing panel does not cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time per month. How does it work?


Many companies or institutes would really like to know your opinion about certain issues. Your opinion helps them to improve their products or services. We would enormously appreciate it if you would join the panel. You indicate how many times per month you are willing to answer their questions. Companies and institutes pay us to fulfil their market survey. With these revenues we will be able to continue the development of OpinionFirst. So support OpinionFirst, and join the panel!   Join the marketing panel